The client, Grupo Bimbo, sought to reposition the Eagle brand in the market by reinforcing its main differential compared to the competition: the premium format of peanuts in a can.

The main challenge was to find a creative strategy that captured the audience’s attention and had a positive impact on the brand’s perception, reinforcing its preference and positioning above its competitors’ average.

Creative Solution

We took on the task of conceptualizing the creative idea and crafted the innovative campaign “Dar la lata Eagle”.

We developed a fresh and appealing concept that translated into a unique television spot. Additionally, we handled the production of the TV spot and managed adaptations for social media, as well as micro versions for TV and YouTube.

The “Dar la Lata Eagle” campaign successfully repositioned the brand in the premium snack market and reinforced sales of its canned format in the food channel.

The excellent results achieved exceeded the client’s expectations, resulting in a significant improvement in brand perception and increased visibility across multiple platforms.

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