We worked closely with ESCORPION to enhance their digital presence and communication.

This project encompassed a variety of key areas, including digital consultancy, social media management, content marketing, and the integration of a resource from DinamarKa within ESCORPION’s communication team.

ESCORPION faced the challenge of optimizing its online sales channel (e-commerce) and enhancing its presence on social media.

They also sought a robust content strategy for Fashion Week and required the implementation of an external communication resource to strengthen their communications.

Creative Solution

We conducted a comprehensive analysis and monitored the implementation of their e-commerce sales channel, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to increase online sales. Regarding social media, we actively managed their profiles, ensuring a strong and effective presence.

For Fashion Week, we developed relevant and engaging content that highlighted ESCORPION’s vision and products. Additionally, we managed campaigns on Google and Facebook to maximize visibility and interaction.

One of the key solutions was the implementation of a Gen-K external communication resource within their team to strengthen relations and communications with the media and other strategic partners.

Our collaboration enabled ESCORPION to enhance its digital presence and online sales strategy. 

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