We collaborated closely with Genea Biomedx on a project to transform their corporate visual identity.

This process involved creating a new look and feel for the brand, updating their product branding, defining content guidelines for social media, and completely redesigning their catalogs and website.

Genea Biomedx faced the primary challenge of modernizing its corporate image and digital presence to stand out in a market where branding merges science with imagination.

Additionally, it was essential to maintain visual consistency across their portfolio, infusing personality into their product brands without compromising the coherence and strength of the parent brand. The new visual language had to be seamlessly and cohesively applied across all brand touchpoints, down to the simplest detail.

Creative Solution

We created a new look and feel based on a gesture from the brand’s logo (which remained unchanged). This gesture infused the brand with the emotion and excitement it needed, especially when combined with subdued yet versatile colors, allowing us to clearly reflect Genea Biomedx’s vision and values.

We updated the brand manual and designed all corporate assets, including digital media and trade marketing materials such as brochures for each product sub-brand.

Throughout this process, we maintained a consistent aesthetic, breathing life into a new, highly recognizable and distinctive graphic language within the industry.

For social media content, we designed templates that ensured visual consistency while allowing for flexibility and dynamism, as digital platforms require. Similarly, we completely redesigned their website, creating a new way to interact with Genea Biomedx.

The new visual identity and consistent content across all channels strengthened their brand image. Furthermore, the website redesign, presentation template, and new product catalogs contributed to a more attractive and effective presentation of their services, resulting in a positive impact on engagement with key audiences.

Our collaboration resulted in a significant and rejuvenating impact for Genea Biomedx.

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