The challenge of this project was to create a corporate and CSR campaign that showcased the brand as a socially responsible company committed to inclusion.

Furthermore, the participation of Pedri, an international sports influencer, was sought to give visibility to the campaign.

Creative Solution

We took on the complete management of this campaign, from the agreement with the exclusive sponsor of the brand to the conceptualization, design, and production of the campaign.

We worked on the dissemination and monitoring in press and social media, and promoted the campaign through paid media.

Additionally, we produced audiovisual content with Pedri to bring the campaign to life.

The campaign results were outstanding.

The YouTube spot received 1,289,650 views, and interactions on Instagram were counted in tens of thousands. The brand experienced a notable increase in the reach of its social media profile, multiplying it by ten. Additionally, the campaign succeeded in positioning the brand as a more sustainable, inclusive, and responsible company, which had a national impact on the dental healthcare sector.

The brand differentiated itself from its competitors and established a connection with the B2B target audience for the first time.

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