Our collaboration with Jarana para Todos focused on enhancing their digital presence in two simultaneous paths: to strengthen conversions with current customers and to develop the ability to reach a new audience, the strategic partners (B2B).

Through a comprehensive approach, we addressed the development of a new website, managed their databases (with over 7,000 contacts), and created an email marketing strategy.

The client sought to develop new ways to leverage their digital communication, complementary to their strong presence on social media, and increase the possibilities of interaction with their audience by promoting cross-selling and early ticket sales for their events.

Furthermore, the analysis of the brand diagnosis in light of the business objectives indicated that it would be necessary to create a website with information about the brand specifically aimed at attracting strategic partners and sponsors.

Creative Solution

We began with an audit of their database, segmentation, and data analysis to better understand their audience. Then, we developed a content strategy and email templates, along with effective segmentation of their existing database. We created an email journey aimed at boosting conversions.

Additionally, we designed and built a new website for which we wrote all the content and defined the aesthetics, ensuring the best user experience aligned with the brand image. We conducted ongoing reviews of site traffic quality and optimized its SEO for better search engine results. We implemented Google Analytics tools to measure site performance.

Our solution allowed Jarana para Todos to significantly expand its digital presence and interaction with its audience, creating new touchpoints, information, and conversions.

The new website serves as a crucial introduction for business meetings with future strategic partners and for customers interested in learning more about their favorite event brand in detail. The email marketing strategy strengthens the relationship between the brand and the audience, identifies synergies and growth opportunities, and keeps the customer database updated to determine their level of recurrence.

Additionally, the email marketing strategy includes satisfaction surveys, which are a fundamental tool for organizing future events and ensuring the achievement of goals.

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