We collaborated with Lemon Ribbon throughout the year 2021 to carry out a digital communication and community management project in the markets of Spain and Portugal.

Our main goal was to strengthen the brand’s presence in these two markets and enhance interaction with the target audience.

The key challenge of this project was to adapt Lemon Ribbon’s communication strategy to the needs, habits, and styles of the markets in Spain and Portugal.

Additionally, we had to activate and develop local events to increase brand awareness and manage agreements with local micro-influencers to boost actions and product marketing in these specific markets.

Creative Solution

To address these challenges, we designed a comprehensive digital communication plan that included content marketing strategies and social media management. We organized local events to foster interaction with the brand and created partnerships with local micro-influencers to increase visibility and reach.

We adapted Lemon Ribbon’s international content to fit the needs of the Spanish and Portuguese markets. We provided regular reports and digital consultancy throughout the year and created content proposals, copywriting, and designs for local online celebrations.

This project resulted in a significant increase in Lemon Ribbon’s presence in the markets of Spain and Portugal. We achieved greater interaction with the target audience and improved brand awareness in these specific markets.

Our collaboration also contributed to the success of local events and partnerships with micro-influencers, resulting in a boost in sales and the marketing of Lemon Ribbon products in these markets.

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