We collaborated with VRM and Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basketball on an exciting digital communication project that took place in 2022 during the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basketball Final Four.

This project covered a wide range of services and activities aimed at boosting online presence and audience engagement.

The main challenge was to create an effective digital communication strategy for VRM in the context of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basketball Final Four.

We also had to generate engaging content for social media and adapt pieces for use in SEM campaigns. Coordinating with other international partners of Euroleague required meticulous management.

Creative Solution

To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive digital communication plan that included branded content strategies and the creation of specific content for social media. We also provided support in designing digital products, such as NFT Trophy & Ring.

Additionally, we offered digital consultancy and created a social media posting calendar to ensure a consistent and effective online presence. We attended the Media Day with the champion Anadolu Efes in Turkey for comprehensive coverage.

This project resulted in a significant improvement in VRM’s online presence during the Euroleague Basketball Final Four. We managed to capture the audience’s attention through engaging content and a well-executed communication strategy.

Our collaboration also contributed to the overall success of the activation with the champion Anadolu Efes and strengthened VRM’s presence in the international Euroleague community.

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